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Movies in Audio

Audio Cinema Entertainment (ACE) is seeking submissions from writers interested in exploring the infinite possibilities of storytelling in AUDIO. Do you have a screenplay that could also work as a “movie in audio”? How about a short story, novel or play? Virtually any story can be successfully translated into audio entertainment of the highest caliber.

Now you can prove your concept of great storytelling to that book publisher or movie agent you’ve been trying so long to convince. If your project is selected for full audio production, you’ll have a copy to use for your own presentations plus writing credit and even a paycheck!

No gimmicks, no script analysis service, no fees whatsoever.



Complete the application and attach a PDF file of the material you are submitting to ACE for our review. This submission in no way creates any obligation or expectation on either party.

You must be the author of the work or the legal representative and fully authorized to submit the work to ACE. The work must be registered with the Copyright Office and/or the Writers Guild of America. This is designed to protect all parties. We cannot and will not read any submission without a Copyright Office number or a Writers Guild of America number.

Work may be in any genre. There are no length requirements. Work must be adapted for audio but can be in standard screenplay format, audio play format, or theatrical play format. (see Resources and Samples page)

Complete the Audio Script Submission Form (see below)

Attach a PDF version of your script

We will email you with a confirmation number that you can use to track your submission throughout the process

Read FAQs Below (mandatory) in order to process to the script submission form

Script Submissions